Client is encouraged to participate in the inspection but Client does so at his/her own risk. The Company shall have no liability for personal injury, property damage, or any other damages resulting from Client's participation in the inspection.


Inspector-Mike, prefers to have the first 3 hours uninterrupted. The client is encouraged to arrive thereafter for a final hands on walk through with the inspector. During this walk through your inspector will address all your concerns and answer your questions.


It is recommended that you remain silent with questions, taking notes, and bring up questions to the inspector, at the end of the inspection. Because an inspection can be a lengthy process, you are invited to participate in a walkthrough of the property after the inspection is complete. I will discuss any issues in the home that may concern you. I will also provide you with maintenance tips and advice on how to improve the operability of components in the home. All of my findings will be captured in a thorough easy-­-to-­-use electronic report.