EXCLUSIONS: The inspection does not include any destructive testing or dismantling. CLIENT agrees to assume all risk for all conditions which are concealed from view at the time of the inspection. Unless specifically added to the inspection agreement as a SPECIAL PROVISON and initialed by both the INSPECTOR and the CLIENT, the following are not included in the inspection or report:


· _The remaining life of any system or component.

· _The strength, adequacy, effectiveness, efficiency, or fitness of any system or component.

· _The cause of any condition or deficiency.

· _The methods, materials, or costs of corrections.

· _Future conditions including, but not limited to, failure of systems and components.

· _Any information pertaining to recalls of any product by a private or government entity.

· _The advisability of purchase of the Subject Property.

· _Compliance with regulatory requirements.

· _The presence or past presence of diseases or potentially dangerous plants or animals including but not limited to, wood destroying organisms, rodents, and mold.

· _The presence or possibility of presence of any environmental hazard including, but not limited to lead, asbestos, formaldehyde, electromagnetic radiation, mold, radon, toxins, carcinogens, noise, or contaminates in the soil, water, or air.

· _Air filters, water filters or conditioning systems, humidifiers or dehumidifiers.

· _The operating cost or efficiency of systems, components, or appliances.

· _Audio-­-Visual, communications, and surveillance equipment;

· _The acoustical properties of any room, system or component.

· _Pools, pool surrounds or decks, spas, hot tubs, saunas, steam baths, related fixtures, controls, equipment or any similar component.

· _Underground piping, water supply.

· _Radio-­-controlled devices, automatic gates, elevators, lifts, or dumbwaiters.

· _The presence, operation, or accuracy of thermostatic controls or time clocks.

· _Solar, wind, or geothermal heating or electrical systems.

· _Furnace heat exchangers.

· _Freestanding heat appliances like woodstoves or portable heaters.

· _Window Air Conditioners.

· _Window blinds, shades, or curtains; Privacy screens, movable partitions.

· _Fencing, recreation or play equipment, detached decks, or detached buildings.

· _Geological stability or soil conditions.

· _Structural stability or engineering analysis.

· _Private water (wells, cisterns, holding tanks) or private sewage systems.

· _Any area or item that is deemed unsafe or has insufficient accessibility by the Inspector.

· _Icemakers or water dispensers