Written Report

Client will be provided with a written Report as part of the Inspection. Client agrees to promptly review the Report and to call the Inspector concerning any part of the Report the Client does not fully understand or that may be ambiguous or unclear. The Inspector reserves the right to change or modify the Report within forty-­-eight (48) hours of providing the Report to Client or at any time to clarify any ambiguity that may exist.


The Inspector's agreement to perform the Inspection is contingent on the Client's agreement to the above terms, conditions and limitations. If Client does not sign this Agreement prior to or at the time the Report is provided to the Client and Client objects to any of the terms of this Agreement, Client shall return the Report to the Inspector within seven (7) days and any fee that has been paid will be refunded to Client. Failure to return the Report and payment of the fee shall constitute full acceptance of all of the terms of this Agreement by Client.


The report shall document any material defects discovered in the building(s) systems and components, which, in the opinion of the INSPECTOR, are safety hazards, are not functioning properly, or appear to be at the end of their normal service life. The INSPECTOR will make reasonable effort to deliver an electronic report to the CLIENT within 36 hours after completion of the inspection. The INSPECTOR shall be allowed 72 hours after the inspection to deliver the report for initial review. YOU agree to read the complete report, including any notes and disclaimer statements included within or appended to the report. In the event YOU have questions or do not understand any portion of the report, YOU agree to contact the inspector and ask for answers or clarification. The INSPECTOR shall be allowed to make amendments to the Report and submit the amendments to the CLIENT.